We organize seminars to teach our
methods in pressure point self-defense
with natural movement, breathing
and mind control..



The Art is based on research of ancient
and modern knowledge of human body
to achieve humane but effective
self-defense.. More info


Welcome to our website

First of all, I would like to thank you for your interest towards of our method. This website is dedicated to all martial artists. Here you will find information about our art, upcoming events and certified instructors of Kyusho Aiki Jutsu.

During the times

Trainings and seminars, are now started again. But with all precautions. Contact me for further information. During the past weekend we arranged small Summer Camp and new promotions were made as follows; Jarkko Korhonen, 4.dan 1st master level, Iwan Zellweger, 2.dan, Michael Brand, 2.dan, Esko Saari, 2.dan, Jarmo Viinikanoja, 2.dan and Mikko Wahlman, 5.kyu. Congratulations for good work. You guys make me really proud!

Stay Safe!
Toni Kauhanen
8th degree black belt


You must do it when it's right time. Do not lose the opportunity. If you wait until next time, it's too late."

-Y. Sagawa